Biblical Foundations for Womanhood  

A Women’s Ministry built on Biblical foundations needs women who think Biblically and live covenantally. We believe that the true measure of Christian ministry is not how much we are doing, but who we are in Christ.  The PCA's Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM) created the Biblical Foundations curriculum rooted in the Word of God.  It is a proven starting point for building a women’s ministry that’s driven by more than events, projects, or personalities. Each of the five books and the Bible Study series are practical, proven, and biblically based. A separate Leader’s Guide is available for each title to help make the study a meaningful experience for every woman in your church. You can also listen to Susan Hunt teach on Biblical Womanhood on  You can watch her on video on YouTube.

Leadership for Women In the Church by Susan Hunt & Peggy Hutchison

This book is written to help Christian women identify and focus their leadership capabilities on tasks that need to be undertaken in the church. It is also written to help Christian men recognize and facilitate the use of leadership abilities of women in the church.  Look Inside

Spiritual Mothering by Susan Hunt

In the second chapter of Titus, Paul outlines a ministry model in which older women nurture younger women in character, in faith, and in doctrine. With this study, you can put the principles of "spiritual mothering" to work, helping your women create a close-knit community built on covenant relationships. Look Inside

By Design: God’s Distinctive Calling for Women by Susan Hunt
Once spiritual mothering relationships have been formed, they become a powerful launching pad for women’s ministry—particularly ministries of mercy. Here, your women will discover how their unique design has specially equipped them to be channels of compassion to the church, the community, and the world.  Look Inside

Women's Ministry in the Local Church by Ligon Duncan and Susan Hunt
In a time of confusion and uncertainty, the authors walk women through the Scriptures to help them better understand what it means to have an effective, biblical women's ministry in the church and provide many proven tools to help start a women's ministry in your church.  Look Inside

The True Woman by Susan Hunt
Where there is no sound theology, there can be no real ministry. The True Woman helps even the busiest women re-connect with basic truths and essential doctrines—keeping them firmly anchored in their commitment to biblical truth.  Look Inside      

Women's Ministry: Training and Resource Guide
This is an affordable, composite three-ring notebook with updated tools that will equip women with life-giving skills. The purpose is to help churches study a biblical approach to women's ministry in the church and to provide resources to develop, implement, and train leaders to plan for a women's ministry


Treasures of Encouragement  Sharon Betters       
Women are also designed to be vessels of encouragement. This study will help you turn that gift into a vibrant, biblically based ministry.

Biblical Foundations for Womanhood Bible Study Series  This series teaches women to study Scripture from a covenantal perspective and to use the objectives and concepts of Biblical Foundations for Womanhood to help women apply Scripture to life.  You may search for the individual titles at the PCA Bookstore.