Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws

The Heritage PresWIC Executive Council proposes changes to the Bylaws of the Heritage PresWIC and desires your input before the amendments are put up for a vote by the membership at the King of Kings conference on March 12 at Glasgow Church in Bear, DE. The King of Kings conference serves as the Annual Meeting of the Heritage PresWIC.

In the past two years some denominational level names in the PCA have changed.  Christian Education and Publications (CEP), for example, has become the Committee on Discipleship Ministries (CDM), and the name of the women's ministry of the PCA has changed to PCA Women's Ministry.  On the Presbytery level we have been encouraged to change the name of our Heritage PresWIC (Presbytery Women in the Church) too.  For those of us who have been part of the PCA for a long time, the name PresWIC is understandable and rich in meaning and memories, but for newer PCA women PresWIC has no meaning or can be confused with a government program.

The Council would like to go along with the denominational suggestion and rename our organization Heritage Presbytery Women's Ministry.  To do that our PresWIC bylaws must be revised.  The last revision of the bylaws was in 1998.

The Council's goal in the revision of the bylaws was simplicity.  Since we no longer do some of the activities, the Council took those out and tried not to set up a structure that we wouldn't or couldn't follow.

Here are the major changes:

1. Name changes to go along with denominational name changes, the main one being Heritage Presbytery Women's Ministry.

2. Since our committees are usually temporary (i.e. nominating, conference publicity), we no longer have the committee chairmen on the Council, and the various possible committees are not listed.

3. We have not been developing and presenting a budget at the annual meeting each year.  We therefore have removed reference to that.

4. When bylaws revisions are necessary, the proposed changes will be sent to the PresWIC church contacts for perusal and comment by the women of each church.  After consideration of those comments, the Executive Council will vote on the revisions.  The amendments must pass by a three-fourths vote of the Executive Council and then be approved by the men at Presbytery.  The approved revised bylaws will be sent to the PresWIC church contact for each church.

Please review the 1998 bylaws and the proposed 2016 bylaws and email your questions, comments and suggestions to President Sue New at by Tuesday, March 1. The Council will consider your comments and will then send out the final version of the proposed bylaws on March 5 so the women of our presbytery may vote on them at the March 12 Heritage PresWIC conference.