New Women's Ministry Website

The Heritage PresWIC is pleased to announced that we have a beautiful new website for women's ministry in the Heritage Presbytery.  The website address is

Our original website was skillfully designed and maintained by Deb Welch, our previous PresWIC vice-president.  It contained a wealth of resources for us.  We appreciate everything Deb did over the last several years.

In addition to answering almost anything you might want to know about women's ministry and our PresWIC specifically, we hope to update the new website regularly with things like upcoming conferences.  You can see that we also have a link to the new Heritage Presbytery website as well as to the denomination's website.

Currently, when you click on our new site, you will be directed immediately to information about our March PresWIC conference, The King of Kings.  Everything you need to know about the conference is there.  If you scroll down, you can get to the PresWIC homepage. Please enter your email address in the subscribe box on the homepage so that you can get periodic updates on new information and events.

We hope that you will explore, enjoy and share the site with the women in your church!