Women's Ministry at Harvest USA

Listen to Harvest USA Executive Director Tim Geiger and Women's Ministry Coordinator Ellen Dykas discuss the Women's Ministry at Harvest USA.  Ellen was our 2015 Annual PresWIC conference keynote speaker.  Harvest brings truth and mercy of Jesus Christ to men, women and families who are wrestling with sexual brokenness and equips the church to do the same.  Harvest's national office is in Philadelphia.  You can contact Ellen at ellen@harvestusa.org.

If you have been struggling with sexual brokenness, either in your own life, or in the lives of loved ones, guilt and shame can sap your resolve to tackle the issues. It may seem that you struggle alone, in isolation, and there is nowhere to turn.  You can contact Harvest for help.

Would you like to be equipped to help women in your church and elsewhere with sexual struggles?  Please contact Harvest.