Annual Meeting - Bylaws Vote

The proposed changes to our bylaws will be voted on by the membership on Saturday, March 12, 2016, at the Annual Meeting which begins at 8:30 AM.  Please review the bylaws before the meeting. There will be a few hard copies at the conference for women who do not have internet access.

In the past two years, some denominational level names in the PCA have changed.  The name of the women's ministry of the PCA, for example, has changed to PCA Women's Ministry.  On the Presbytery level, we have been encouraged to change the name of our Heritage PresWIC (Presbytery Women in the Church) too.  For those of us who have been part of the PCA for a long time, the name PresWIC is understandable and rich in meaning and memories, but for newer PCA women PresWIC has no meaning or can be confused with a government program.

Your Heritage PresWIC Council would like to go along with the denominational suggestion and rename our organization Heritage Presbytery Women's Ministry.  To do that our PresWIC bylaws must be revised.  The last revision of the bylaws was in 1998.

Our goal in the bylaws revision was simplicity.  Since we no longer do some of the activities, we took those out and tried not to set up a structure that we wouldn't or couldn't follow.

The proposed revisions were sent out to all the church contacts last month and they were posted on our website, Facebook and Twitter.  No one sent in any suggestions or changes. Therefore, the PresWIC Executive Council is satisfied that we have a good, final version. 

In addition to the 1998 bylaws, I have attached for your perusal the Council's recommendation for the amendments to those bylaws, 2016 Bylaws Heritage Presbytery Women's Ministry.pdf.  

Here are the major changes:

  1. Name changes to go along with denominational name changes, the main one being Heritage Presbytery Women's Ministry.
  2. We have not been developing and presenting a budget at the annual meeting (conference) each year.  We, therefore, have removed reference to that, although we will be presenting a financial summary and may present a budget in the future.
  3. When bylaws revisions are necessary, the 1998 bylaws were a little confusing.  In the future, the proposed changes will be sent to the church contacts for perusal and comment by the women of each church, if they would like.  After considering those comments, the Executive Council will vote on the revisions.  The amendments must pass by a three-fourths vote of the Executive Council and then be approved by the men at Presbytery.  The approved, revised bylaws will then be sent to each church's contact.

Please review the current 1998 bylaws and the proposed bylaws bfore the meeting on Saturday.  You will have the opportunity to vote on the changes on Saturday at the beginning of the conference.