Executive Council

President: Sue New, Berea Presbyterian Church (now called Good News Church) (2013-2016)

                Linda Januario, Glasgow Church (now called Reach Church)(-2013)

Vice President:  Amy Huffman, City Church of Wilmington (2016-2018)

               Deb Welch, Evangelical Presbyterian Church (2008-2015)

Secretary: Donna McQuillin, Reach Church (2016-2018)

                Amy Huffman, Evangelical Presbyterian Church (2013-2016)

                Sara Eddy, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church (-2013)

Treasurer: Mary Anest, Evangelical Presbyterian Church (2015-2017)

                 Dorothy Imperatrice, Glasgow Church (now called Reach Church)(-2015)

Member at Large:  Deb Welch, Evangelical Presbyterian Church (2015-2016)

                              Amy Huffman, Evangelical Presbyterian Church (2011-13)

   Helene Malgiero, Manor Presbyterian Church (2011-13)

1998-2003 President and VP: Jan Derby, Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Past Executive Council members: Ann Canfield, Marsha Leauby, Susan Lester, Dianne Mandichak, Rosemarie Peoples, Pam Perkins, Cathy Swalm, Jen Swalm,Kathy Wargo and many more women have served. 

Northeast Regional Advisor

Jan Derby (-2015)